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Group Bookings

Explore the magic of the UAE with your loved ones and colleagues.

Are they right for me?

Who are group bookings for?

Are you looking for a unique, award-winning sightseeing experience for friends and family, or a fun-filled team building exercise for your colleagues? Then The Yellow Boats group tours are for you!

Our group tours can bring a fresh perspective to your day with some of the most interesting and exciting on-water sightseeing experiences. Our award-winning tours are suitable for all groups and all ages including corporate teams, clubs, schools, friends & families, couples, and tour groups.

Custom tours

Customise your experience

With The Yellow Boats group bookings, you choose the destination, your preferred highlights and the dates of your trip. Simply let us know your preferences and we will customize the journey to meet the needs of your group.

You will embark on your unique journey with the peace of mind that all aspects of the trip are taken care of and in expert hands.


Is there a min/max number of people?

Each of our boats can take either, 10, 11, or 14 guests, but if you have a bigger group, we will simply book more of our boats, so that you and your group can enjoy a Yellow Boats fleet on the water. Alternatively, there is no minimum number of people for a group booking, so if you fancy a solo Yellow Boats tour, you can have one!

Where do I sign up?

How to make a group booking.

To make a VIP booking, you can contact our booking team via the form below, or call us on 800 892 or international call +971 4 432 8543.

Enquire About Group Bookings